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New Construction Consulting

Building your new home is an exciting prospect.  You look forward to moving into your new space and beginning your new life.  However, as the process gets underway you quickly realize that there are so many decisions involved in pulling together your selections and your decisions need to be made quickly .  One missed deadline or one wrong decision and the process, along with the costs, can spiral out of control. 


As a designer, I am familiar with the construction process.  I will serve as your guide through each step, reducing your stress and giving you confidence that your selections will work together to create the home of your dreams; all within your budget in mind.    

Here is what to expect...

Step 1:  Initial consultation to talk about your style preferences, look at construction drawings, determine the scope of work, discuss your priorities and budget, answer any questions.  

Step 2: I will return to my studio and prepare a proposal that outlines all of the things we discussed, the scope of work and an estimate on the total hours required.  I will email this to you along with a Letter of Agreement.


Step 3:   Sign the Letter of Agreement, pay an initial deposit of $50 and then the fun begins...


Step 4:  I will get right to work putting together conceptual style boards for you to view and decide which captures your vision best.

Step 5: Next I will create a detailed style board and custom color palette based upon your style and personality.   We will meet, review and discuss any changes.

Step 6: Through a series of scheduled appointments, I will work with you and your builder/contractor to make the right selections for your dream home.

This is right for you if...

  • You're overwhelmed with all of the decisions you have to make with building your home.  You want a professional by your side working with you throughout the project.

  • You're afraid of making costly mistakes and want a stress-free process of letting a professional help you make the right choices.

  • You want to have the best quality choices and solutions available that fit into your lifestyle.


This service is based on an hourly rate of $60 per hour.

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