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Experience a bit of "Haven" on Earth

Today I met a wonderful lady, the owner of Haven Flower Farm, Paris Rodgers. A year ago, I saw a feed pop up on my Instagram, advertising an upcoming flower farm. When I Googled to see its location, to my excitement, it was just down the road. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE flowers. They never cease to amaze me - the beauty God created for us. Their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes and not to mention the fragrance…it’s no wonder nearly every picture you see of an interior space there is a bouquet of flowers. They are the perfect accessory for any room.

I stopped by the farm to purchase a gift certificate for our upcoming “Giveaway”. I parked the car, walked by the fun white picnic tables and colored umbrellas, up to her front door. Paris graciously invited me into her office and right away I was drawn by the delicious smells. There on the shelves, were rows and rows of homemade soaps, bath bombs and candles. Needless to say, I didn’t go home with just the gift certificate. We chatted about the trials and tribulations of being a new and upcoming business and of course the crazy, time consuming, social media that is essential for businesses like ours. All in all, a wonderful experience that you just don’t get in a big box store.

I go by Haven Flower Farm on my way to and from my design studio each day. I witness the hard work that goes into that glorious season of flowers and as I pass by, for a brief moment, I am transformed into a bit of “Haven” on earth. Thank you Paris for following your dream and creating such a beautiful place for us to experience. Here’s to many years to come, may they be profitable and fulfilling.


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