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This has been an extraordinary year and not just because of a pandemic. Like most of you, I am taking time to look back and thinking of things that have made me thankful this year.

One that hits the top of my list is my husband. He has been my lover, my best friend and my constant companion for 37 years. Life together hasn’t always been perfect, I will admit there are times when “Murder” came to mind, but I can honestly say that I can’t imagine my life without him.

This Spring, the night before we were to fly to Hawaii to visit our kids, he had a medical emergency. And for a brief moment, I was faced with the possibility of life without him. It’s funny, I always pictured us as two elderly people, strolling through the park, hand-in-hand. I never imagined I could be a widow at 58 but I guess there is no guarantee for tomorrow. So this Thanksgiving – what am I most grateful for? I am most grateful for my husband. (Seen here meticulously cleaning bar stools for a client’s décor).

Thank you my sweetheart, my darling, for always being there for me, always believing in me, always being up for any new adventure, always being a Dad who revels in his kids and grandkids and for always helping me behind the scenes – no recognition or fanfare.

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