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Come Along on an Adventure

Today marks a milestone in my interior design marketing…I am writing my first blog. I have never fashioned myself a writer, but I am a consumer. As a consumer I can tell you that I appreciate the articles that transfer me to a new place or make me sentimental about things. And I particularly love the articles that take me on an adventure. That is what this first blog is intended to do…invite any of you who read this to begin an adventure with me.

A little history first…

It began two years ago just about this time of year. I was recuperating from a minor surgery and it was my first day out of the house. I decided to make a short trip to JoAnn’s fabric in my hometown. I just needed a change of scenery. As I walked slowly up and down the aisles, I stopped at the book section. I started looking through the titles and there was one that stood out. I started to look through the pages and it was like lightening. I proceeded to the check out and purchased this gem. I went home and began to devour its pages. I started to have visions about being an interior designer. Daydreams more like it since I had a 28-year successful career in project management administration and was currently employed as a senior project controls analyst drawing a six-figure income. I had been feeling like change was coming after I had returned home to the US after living and working in the UK for eight months but I just didn’t know how BIG that change was going to be. Two months later I was in a room with several colleagues being told that the Company was down-sizing, and our positions were going away at the end of the year. I was not fearful; I didn’t feel sad - actually I was excited. That change that was bubbling up a few months ago was now eminent.

Fast forward to now…

A year of unemployment and attending college (after almost 40 years), I obtained my certification in residential interior design and I opened Polished Home Interior Design. I am living out what once was simply a daydream…I am an interior designer.

I invite you to join me as I help people transform their space into a best version of itself…their little piece of heaven.


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