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Okay, Now What? My first client…


I managed to complete my design certification and navigated through the arduous Federal, State and Local licensing/permit gauntlet to finally get my business license. I was official…now what? Secretly I hoped that as soon as I completed those milestones that suddenly people would be beating down my door. Reality was no fan fair, no phone calls…nothing. In fact, the day I received my business license was much like the day prior.

Days and weeks passed, and I was feeling like maybe this was a mistake. Looking at my savings dwindling to near nothing only compounded the feeling. Then I got a call. It was my brother. He and his wife had decided to build a duplex for rental income and wondered if I was available to design and manage the project. I felt like Annie Potts in Ghostbusters when she received the first client call, “I GOT ONE!!!!”

The story behind this duplex and the builder is kind of a God thing but alas, I will save that for another post.I was elated, I now had my first real paid design job.I was also scared <insert poop emoji>.The project I was about to embark on would take me through the next nine months and would test and stretch me to the limits.


First step…Design and Estimate

Perhaps that twenty-eight years of project management and administration was not waisted. After all, I knew the construction process and I knew the life cycle of a project. What was foreign was the design elements and I was starting with a blank canvas. I got this...

Step 1 – Design and Estimate.

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